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Maple Wine Recipe 2010

Results: Good, overall taste is decent but there is not as much flavor as I’d like. See 2011 recipe for updates.

Update: I posted a video on how to make maple wine. You can see it here.

With maple wine timing coming around again, it’s time to review last year’s process and figure out what I want to try to do differently this year. To start, here is a summary …

Last year’s Maple Wine Recipe

- 10-15 gallons maple sap (boiled down to 5 gallons) (1.025 SG)

- ?? cups granulated sugar (to get OG to 1.094)

- 1 lemon, sliced up thin

- 1 cup strong black tea

- 1 campden tablet

- 1 packet yeast (K1-V1116)

- Yeast Nutrient


This was a modified version of a recipe I found here:


The process was actually fairly simple … I might have exaggerated ‘slightly’ before. Here is a quick run-down from my records.

1. Boil the sap

2. Check specific gravity, and add sugar to adjust to target

3. Add tea, lemon, and campden tablet and let rest overnight

4. Add yeast … wonder why nothing happens ….

4b. Add yeast nutrient and ferment in primary for 2 weeks

5. Rack to secondary, re-rack at one month

6. Add 1 cup sugar and re-rack at two months

7. Bottle at 4 months and age for remainder of 1 year

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