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Maple Wine recipe 2011

Results: Pending … tasted good as I racked it to the secondary but it still has a long time to go before it’s mature enough to say for sure.

Update: I posted a video on how to make maple wine. You can see it here.

To start, if you need instructions on collecting sap from maple trees, feel free to check out the how-to section. I’ll be making a few changes from last year so I wanted to document them. Here’s the plan for this year.

2011 Maple Wine Recipe

- 20 gallons maple sap (boiled down to 2 gallons) (1.07 SG target)

- ?? cups granulated sugar (to get OG to 1.09)

- 1 lemon, sliced up thin

- 1 cup strong roibos tea

- 1 campden tablet

- 1 packet yeast (K1-V1116)

- Yeast Nutrient


The process:

1. Boil the sap

2. Check specific gravity, and add sugar to adjust to target

3. Add tea, lemon, and campden tablet and let rest overnight

4. Add yeast … AND yeast nutrient

5. Rack into secondary at one weeks, re-rack at one month, and again at three months

6. Bottle at 3 months or bulk age for remainder of 1 year

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