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Summer Ale

Update: I edited the ingredients, boiling times, and expected outcome to reflect what was finally used for this beer.


I was putting away empties today and noticed how few beers I have left. Given that running out is unacceptable it seems necessary that I start planning another batch.  For this batch, I want to accomplish a couple things …

1. Make a light colored, hoppy ale for a refreshing cold summer beer.

2. Use cascade and/or centennial hops to confirm what I’m getting into with the growing plants.

3. Make my first recipe, even though I’ll still be using extract.

After researching online what other people have put together, I’ve put together the following recipe.  In addition, I did a quick search in the Ubuntu repository for a brewing calculator and one came up … it’s called QBrew and so far I really like it. A brewing calculator helps when you’re making your own recipe to know how your ingredients stack up in terms of potential alcohol %, bittering units, and color. I’d recomment QBrew … , and if that changes after I’m done brewing I’ll remove the recommendation!

Here is my recipe:

Black Mutt Summer Ale (5 gal)

2 lb American Munich crushed grain

6.6 lb Golden light malt extract

1 oz Cascade Hops (45 minutes)

1 oz Cascade Hops (15 minutes)

1 oz Cascade Hops (5 minutes)

California Ale Yeast


Estimated Outcome:

OG: 1.052

FG:  1.012  (est.)

Bitterness: 27 IBU

Color: 11 SRM

Any thoughts, comments, or suggestion are welcome!


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