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MacKay Clan Wee Heavy

UPDATE:  I edited the recipe to reflect what I actually did, even though it didn’t match my target. It’s in the primary right now so if it doesn’t turn out good, I’ll make a note here. Expect to see another try soon.


So, this is all about brewing experiments …  so, let’s go all out.

My next batch will be my first try at all grain brewing. And, it’ll be a 2 gallon batch of Wee Heavy. I know … livin’ on the edge, right?

Here is my planned recipe, I’ll update it as needed and welcome any comments.

MacKay Clan Wee Heavy (3.5 gal)


10 lb – American 2 row malt

1/8 lb – Peated malt

1/2 lb – Biscuit malt

1/8 lb – Roasted Barley

1/8 lb – Black Patent malt

1 lb – Pure Maple Syrup

1/4 oz Centennial hops (45 min)

1/4 oz Cascade hops (15 min)

1/4 oz Cascade hops (5 min)

Scottish Ale Yeast



Stike water @ 170F (11 qt)

Rest @ 152F for 60 minutes

Batch Sparge @ 180F (13 qt)



OG: 1.071

FG:  1.024  (est.)

Bitterness: 17 IBU

Color: 20 SRM

Any thoughts, comments, or suggestion are welcome!

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