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How to make a cheap mash tun

Alright, so I made a mash tun … I did a lot of searching on the internet for the simplest design to make and maintain. Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy with any of the designs out there so I took a stab at making my own.

There were two basic designs for “simple” mash tuns I found in my search.

1. Using a CPVC manifold and brass ball valve. This one seemed sturdy enough. I was hesitant though as it seems like it would be difficult to clean under the rigid CPVC manifold. Also, the brass valve cost more than the entirety of my design.

2. Using a stainless water supply line and an in-line valve. I like the idea of stainless since it’s inert but making it seemed more complicated (removing the inner tube from the drain line and replacing with a coiled wire for support). And, again …. I’m leery about how easy it is to clean. Yeah, I’m lazy and want to make everything easy ….

So, after a lot of thinking …. I thought I had it all figured out. Then I went to the hardware store and stood in the isle looking at all the fittings and had an epiphany. The result, I think you will find, is the cheapest and simplest mash tun design so far.


An old cooler (free is preferable)

5 ft of polyethelyne tubing

1 nylon barbed T fitting


A sharp knife


The process …. watch and see for yourself.


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