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How to ….

… brew the Black Mutt way!

This page is where you will find a collection of how-to video’s. The main purpose is for those who are wanting to try brewing at home but are intimidated or unsure where to start.

My promise to you, the viewer, is that everything I post I do with the confidence of personal success. Beyond that, I make no promises … I like to experiment and I would encourage you to do the same. If you want to let me know of a different way you prefer, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom.


Step 1: Steeping

Step 2: The boil

Step 3: Terminate the boil

Step 4: Checking specific gravity

Step 5: Pitching yeast

Step 1-5: Partial Mash Method

Step 6: Racking into secondary

Step 7: Bottling

Step 8: Labeling


Making a mash tun

Making a wort chiller

Adding oak chips for flavor


Step 1: Juicing the fruit

Step 2: Sanitizing with campden tablet

Step 3: Pitching the yeast

Step 4: Racking into the secondary

Step 5: Aging

Step 6: Bottling

Step 7: Labeling

Maple Wine

Step 1: Tapping the trees

Step 2: Collecting Sap

Step 3: Making Maple Wine


Vine Care

Pruning Grape Vines (and propagating ideas)

Dealing with bugs