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Jump! Jump!


Caitlin’s legs are getting very strong these days, as she practices jumping in her “jumperoo.” She’s got some serious wiggles these days, and we are glad she has this as a way to use up all that extra energy!

The Cousins Meet


We decided to introduce the cousins before either one of them had a say in the matter.

Jaimie at 36 weeks and Cori at 22 weeks :) . Thanks to photo editing, we can be in the same room at the same time….while on two different continents. Not a perfect editing job – but at least you can compare.



When Jaimie and I were planning our honeymoon, we got a lot of great advice from a good friend Mark and his wife Rachel. We ended up having the best vacation ever. The location was beautiful, the condo was perfect, and the timing worked great. We had the place practically to ourselves.

So, when Rachel decided to start up a travel business … I couldn’t imagine a better fit. I wish them the best of luck and would highly recommend that anyone in need of a travel agent consider supporting a local entrepreneur.

Sunset Shores Travel

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New format


Since it was unduly difficult to keep the website updated we decided to move to a blog format to make is simpler to keep it up-to-date. Hope this helps ….