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Dakota’s 2nd Birthday


Thanks to everyone that came and thanks for all the gifts. Dakota really enjoyed her day and has been singing Happy Birthday ever since ….

Syrup making day …


This weekend I set up the grill, in the empty woodshed (out of the rain), and boiled down the sap we’ve been collecting. I boiled down about 35 quarts over a day and a half. Unfortunately, the grill wouldn’t get it to a rolling boil, so it went slower than I had hoped.

Once it was down to a reasonable amount, I brought it inside to finish.

Once it had boiled down enough, I put it in jars and processed it in the canner just for good measure.

Trial Run


I decided to do a trial run of making maple syrup. The goal was to get some idea how much syrup I should expect to end up with. Turns out a little under 2 quarts made a little over 1/4 cup. So conservatively, our roughly 20 gal of sap should make roughly 10 pints. Couldn’t help but have some late night pancakes while I was at it… mmm.

Maple Syrup


This weekend I finally got around to tapping a pair of sugar maple trees on our property. So far so good, there are 3 inches of sap in one of the buckets already! Here are some pictures.