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The “Baby Back Ribs” of the Third Trimester


I recently heard an advertisement for a restaurant that was promoting their “Baby Back Ribs”. I chuckled to myself as I thought about how well “Baby Back Ribs” summarizes where I am currently in this pregnancy.  Yeah! Third trimester…I am quickly remembering why this trimester seems to be the longest. Because it HURTS!  Pain and discomfort is one thing, but aches and pains that you know are going to last for weeks…now that is fun stuff!! Of course, if you complain about it people will say something like, “in the end it will all be worth it”…I know that….but doesn’t make it any more comfortable in the mean time. I don’t usually like to just complain, but that is where I am right now…seriously uncomfortable!  “Baby Back Ribs” basically sums it up.

Baby: She has decided that her new favorite past-time is stretching. She sets her feet against my ribs, pushes her rump against one side of my belly, arches her back, and pushes her head against the other side of my belly. It is reassuring to know that she is active, and it is good to know that she is getting quite strong, but… OH MY GOODNESS! Owww! If there happens to be anything in my bladder…you better get out of the path between me and the bathroom! 

Back: I have a spot in the middle of my back (the same spot that bothered me with Dakota) that has tightened into a knot that just won’t let go. I end up spending my day trying to find a way to sit, stand, and walk that doesn’t make it worse, which makes all aspects of teaching a bit of a challenge. And, I spend my evenings sitting with a heating pad. Not to mention a few doses of Tylenol throughout the day. Ugh!

Ribs: I seriously don’t think that any of the baby books warn you about this one. The fact that your rib cage has to expand as the baby starts to take up more than its fair share of the space, isn’t mentioned anywhere.  The muscles in between your ribs are fine with expanding and contracting as you breathe…but don’t particularly like being stretched, and stretched further, and stretched even further. And, there isn’t really any way to relieve this or massage these muscles. Who knew that ribs were part of the pregnancy fun?!

Baby Back Ribs…Now is where the serious countdown begins… and the days go by …very …slowly!

Glow Light Box Upgrade


Last weekend Dakota and I planted some seeds for tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. This week they started coming up. So, the next step is to get them some light. Last year I tried using LED Christmas lights. It seemed to work with one complaint … the lights were so far away the plants still got tall and scraggly. So, this year I decided to put a false floor in the light box so that I could get the seedlings up to the light and lower it as they grow.

To accomplish this I cut out a scrap piece of plywood to fit in the bottom of the light box. Then I drilled four holes and hammered in some T-nuts. Finally, I welded some wing-nuts on threaded rod and viola … false floor.  Here’s hoping it works but even if it doesn’t … it was only an hours work and mostly scrap material.

Big Weekend


This past weekend was action packed for Dakota….

Saturday’s big attraction was a trip to Cosi. We spent most of the time in the kid zone. There, she was able to dress up like a doctor, play on slides, explore the water toys, and build with blocks. I think the doctor area was her favorite. She put on a doctor coat and wrapped a stethoscope around her neck. Then, proceeded to show us x-rays, weight a baby, give it a vial of medicine and wrap the baby’s broken arm and leg.

Elsewhere in Cosi, we tried to go to the Ocean exhibit but it was dark and “scary” so it didn’t last long. I have a feeling if it went any longer we would have ended up very wet. They had all sorts of water squirting toys and experiments with sand and water. We also went to the gecko exhibit …. also known as either “echos” or “yuckos” according to Dakota.  She did enjoy searching for the geckos since they were all hiding in the cages amongst the leaves and twigs.

Finally, Scott’s was there giving away plants and seeds to kids to encourage them to learn about growing things. The seeds came with a small plastic greenhouse for the flowers to grow inside. This worked out perfectly since I had plans to start seedlings this weekend anyway. They also gave us birdseed … which started another project.

Saturday afternoon after a good nap, we planted our seedlings. Dakota got Zenias from Scott’s and planted them in her little greenhouse. Then we planted tomatoes, peppers, and herbs in starter trays. Dakota poked the seeds down into the dirt and we covered them up, watered them, and put them into the window. The next morning she ran downstairs and looked into the little plastic greenhouse expecting to see flowers. Fortunately, she was receptive about waiting for them to grow so we’ll hope they come up within the next week or so before her attention span ends.

Sunday started out simple enough … we went to brunch at Lucasey’s, a local restaurant. Then, across the street to Lowe’s. The goal was to get some boards, plywood, and trim to build a closet in Dakota’s room so we have room for her clothes along with the baby’s new clothes. Of course, a trip to Lowe’s can’t be that simple. We did get the closet hardware … along with hardware to upgrade my grow box, and fix a rocking chair, and built a bird feeder …. because we got “free” birdseed from Scott’s …. which is the lesson of the week, nothing is free.

So again, after a good nap (by nearly all of us) we broke out the bird feeder. Dakota and I build the bird feeder in the afternoon. She was a big help … she loved asking about every little piece of hardware. She helped pick the right sized screws and twist the screwdriver. Unfortunately, she decided that the best place to put the hinges and screws were under things so we wouldn’t loose them. So we did spend a few minutes searching for lost parts. Otherwise it went well. We painted the outside her favorite color … purple and decorated it with Jaimie. The finished product was hung outside for the birds.

Somehow, I did find time to build that closet as well … which she’s surprisingly excited about. She loved the nail gun. She would jump, then giggle each time she heard me using it. She also enjoyed playing in the closet because it had a “roof”.

With that all done … for some reason we’re all very tired.

Dakota’s first tractor


It’s time for Dakota’s birthday again. We have the big party tomorrow but decided to give her our gift this evening. We got her an electric tractor so she can “help” outside. She loved it, the only problem is the steering. The only time she actually steered in a direction she wanted to go was when she was chasing down the cat under the truck. I’m sure she’ll pick up on it quick. Otherwise, she did great and really enjoyed helping out.