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Camping with Dakota


With Jaimie out of town, I decided to take Dakota camping on the property behind ours, back by the lake. She had a blast and I haven’t seen her sleep so soundly in a long time.

Last night we quickly packed up and walked back to set up our tent. We had all our stuff set up in time to hang out and watch the sun set then head to bed.  Today, after swim lessons, we got to spend most of the day exploring in the woods, fishing, looking for tadpolls, and generally goofing off outside.

While fishing, Dakota saw me catching little fish with a rubber worm and said she wanted “one of those” on her string instead of the practice thing that came with the kid reel. So, I put a real hook on with a rubber worm and would cast it out and let her reel it back in. The fish were biting on everything though … so one time after casting it out I snagged a fish before handing her the pole and she got to reel in her first fish. She was very excited. Overall, we got a good number of small fish and one decent sunfish. I’d rather be catching small fish than nothing at all. Plus, Dakota had a blast.

I also got to try out the new camp stove for my little excursions. It worked well enough, just waiting for my bigger pot so I can make a real meal. The BSA mess kit wont hold a full two cups so the Mountain House meals don’t come out all the way re-hydrated. Still edible though and Dakota actually said she liked the beef stew and ate a lot.

The funniest part of the day though happened as we were finishing up our walk through the woods. I had her on my shoulders and she kept playing with my hat (turning it around and such). When I took her off my shoulders she took the hat with her. The she put it on, turned around, and said “Look! I look like Daddy …. I look like a farmer!” Gotta love the honestly of a toddler sometimes.

As the day wound down, the winds picked up and clouds rolled in … so we wont be spending a second night camping, but since it’s already raining here I’m glad we came back inside.

Seems like a full weekend of activity already and it’s only half over … I think tomorrow might have to be a movie day.

Four-Dimensional Ultrasound


On March 18th, we had a four-dimensional ultrasound done. I posted pictures on Facebook, but it was recently requested that I post them here for those friends and family who are not on Facebook. The technology is just amazing, and it was so much fun to get a sneak peek at our little girl. It was also reassuring to hear one more person say that everything looked good, and that she was developing right on schedule, if not ahead of schedule. We are so excited to be down to just over a month before she is scheduled to arrive. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do!!



Did some camping this past weekend. It was cold, rainy, and windy … but it was all well worth it. I got a chance to relax, do some fishing,  and share stories.

Here are some pictures.

Swim Lessons


Yesterday, we took Dakota to her first real swim lesson. She had been signed up for baby swim lessons but it was more playing and less learning so I’m not sure it counts. This time around, she was learning to float on her back, kick her legs, and paddle with her arms. Considering how little time we’ve spent in the pool she did pretty good.

What surprised me was how well behaved she can be while all the other kids were splashing and playing away. The kids all sat on the edge of the pool waiting their turn. While waiting the other kids were splashing and playing with toys despite the teachers instructions not to do just that. Dakota on the other hand sat calmly watching the other kids. This surprised me because it feels like she doesn’t listen at home but if I had to choose one way or the other … I would prefer she pay attending on a class setting. It almost makes me think we’re doing something right!