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Halloween 2011


We skipped the messy carving this year, and got a set of pieces that you press into the pumpkin. It is a lot like a Mr. Potatohead…and probably falls into the category of cheating…but it was so much easier!!! Dakota decorated a pumpkin that we grew in the garden this year (the ONLY pumpkin that grew in the garden this year). For Caitlin, we decorated an acorn squash that the neighbor grew back by the pond. They turned out pretty funny.

Our Halloween Squashes

For Trick-or-Treat, Dakota was a “Magic Flying Unicorn” and Caitlin barely fit into her “Ladybug” costume. Apparently, buying a baby costume a month ahead of time is risky…she has been wearing size 6-9mos for a couple of weeks now, and the costume is a 3-6mos. Her legs have to cross in the bottom, but she doesn’t seem to care.

The unicorn's wings, tail, etc.

Our Magic Flying Unicorn

Our little ladybug....she wasn't real excited.

Really not amused!