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Auntie Cori and Cousin Finn visit for Peepaw’s Birthday!


Back in March, my sister Cori and her, then 6 month old son, Finn, came to the U.S. for a visit, as a suprise for my Dad’s 60th Birthday Party. My sister Casey also came to stay for a while, and I was on Spring Break…so the timing was perfect.  It was so much fun to get to spend some extra time with the family, and for a few days we had the entire core family staying together at our childhood home. It was like the “good ole’ days”… except that we are all adults and half of us have kids :) . I think it was a little overwhelming for my parents to go from an empty nest, to an overflowing nest within a matter of days…but I think they enjoyed the chaos. Since Finn and Caitlin are only about 4 months apart, they REALLY enjoyed playing with each other, and Dakota decided that she was Finn’s favorite girl because she could make him laugh. Overall, it was just really good quality time to have fun with the family.  Here are some highlights…

Video 1: Dad as he discovers that all his kids and grandkids are in town for his birthday.

Video 2: Fun at COSI

Video 3:  An unusual mid-March heatwave provided a unique opportunity to bathe all the grandkids together in a kiddie pool on the back deck.