Maple Sap Update and Pruning Grapes


There was enough sap today to start collecting it into a bigger container. For that, we have a trash can (new of course) and it works quite well. Last year we nearly filled it with sap so I think we should have no trouble filling it this year. After a week of collecting sap, it’s up to about 7 inches in the bottom of it.

Also, it was time to prune the grapes again. I’ll have a video up in the next couple days but in the mean time here are a few pictures.

I also decided to try my hand a propagating grapes again. Last year I tried starting some inside but they didn’t turn out. So this year I decided to try starting directly in the ground. One vine set roots last year while it was attached to the main vine. So, this year I cut it free from the main plant and we’ll see how it does. Another, I took a cutting from what I removed and stuck it directly into the ground. Again, it’ll be in the video but here is a picture of the grape cutting for propagation a.k.a. a stick in the mud.

Lastly, a few signs of spring started showing up. The strawberries I potted up last fall have starting to come back to life. Also, the first sign of Daffodil bulbs are peaking through the mulch.

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