A Bubbly Bath Kid

By: Jaimie

Caitlin is definitely a water baby. She really enjoys her bathtime.

Splish Splash…

She knows that she is super silly!

In completely unrelated news, tonight we tried rice cereal for the 3rd or 4th time. This time she opened her mouth and pulled my hand towards her. The food went in and stayed in, and she excitedly grabbed for more. We also introduced bananna babyfood…that was a big hit. Yaay, progress!!!

Caitlin & Dakota Update

By: Jaimie

It is kind of funny that the last line of the last post says that we will post more when we have time. Honestly, we haven’t had any spare time in the last 4 months. But I am afraid that if I waited until we have time…Chris and I will be retired. I am not even going to attempt to fill you in on the last 4 months right now. Maybe later I will share some of the most memorable moments, but for now I just wanted to post some more recent videos.

Here is a fun video of Caitlin and I having a conversation at 4 months old.

This one is Caitlin trying rice cereal for the first time.

This one is Dakota and her second cousin, Kaylee, taking some time off from their responsibilites as flowergirls to play on the swings. Little girls just being silly.

Baby Caitlin

By: Chris

Jaimie had one last appointment before the scheduled c-section but the Doctor didn’t like how many contractions she was having and told us to head to the hospital and we’ll have her right away. After a few hours of waiting at the hospital, Baby Caitlin was delivered. She weighed in at 6 bl 7 oz and was 18.5″ long. Here are a few pictures, I’m sure we’ll post most as we find more time.

The Cousins Meet

By: Jaimie

We decided to introduce the cousins before either one of them had a say in the matter.

Jaimie at 36 weeks and Cori at 22 weeks :) . Thanks to photo editing, we can be in the same room at the same time….while on two different continents. Not a perfect editing job – but at least you can compare.