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Baby Caitlin


Jaimie had one last appointment before the scheduled c-section but the Doctor didn’t like how many contractions she was having and told us to head to the hospital and we’ll have her right away. After a few hours of waiting at the hospital, Baby Caitlin was delivered. She weighed in at 6 bl 7 oz and was 18.5″ long. Here are a few pictures, I’m sure we’ll post most as we find more time.

Four-Dimensional Ultrasound


On March 18th, we had a four-dimensional ultrasound done. I posted pictures on Facebook, but it was recently requested that I post them here for those friends and family who are not on Facebook. The technology is just amazing, and it was so much fun to get a sneak peek at our little girl. It was also reassuring to hear one more person say that everything looked good, and that she was developing right on schedule, if not ahead of schedule. We are so excited to be down to just over a month before she is scheduled to arrive. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do!!

The “Baby Back Ribs” of the Third Trimester


I recently heard an advertisement for a restaurant that was promoting their “Baby Back Ribs”. I chuckled to myself as I thought about how well “Baby Back Ribs” summarizes where I am currently in this pregnancy.  Yeah! Third trimester…I am quickly remembering why this trimester seems to be the longest. Because it HURTS!  Pain and discomfort is one thing, but aches and pains that you know are going to last for weeks…now that is fun stuff!! Of course, if you complain about it people will say something like, “in the end it will all be worth it”…I know that….but doesn’t make it any more comfortable in the mean time. I don’t usually like to just complain, but that is where I am right now…seriously uncomfortable!  “Baby Back Ribs” basically sums it up.

Baby: She has decided that her new favorite past-time is stretching. She sets her feet against my ribs, pushes her rump against one side of my belly, arches her back, and pushes her head against the other side of my belly. It is reassuring to know that she is active, and it is good to know that she is getting quite strong, but… OH MY GOODNESS! Owww! If there happens to be anything in my bladder…you better get out of the path between me and the bathroom! 

Back: I have a spot in the middle of my back (the same spot that bothered me with Dakota) that has tightened into a knot that just won’t let go. I end up spending my day trying to find a way to sit, stand, and walk that doesn’t make it worse, which makes all aspects of teaching a bit of a challenge. And, I spend my evenings sitting with a heating pad. Not to mention a few doses of Tylenol throughout the day. Ugh!

Ribs: I seriously don’t think that any of the baby books warn you about this one. The fact that your rib cage has to expand as the baby starts to take up more than its fair share of the space, isn’t mentioned anywhere.  The muscles in between your ribs are fine with expanding and contracting as you breathe…but don’t particularly like being stretched, and stretched further, and stretched even further. And, there isn’t really any way to relieve this or massage these muscles. Who knew that ribs were part of the pregnancy fun?!

Baby Back Ribs…Now is where the serious countdown begins… and the days go by …very …slowly!

Smells like a baby!


I love that when you are pregnant, procrastinating is called “Nesting”. I have report cards due this week, and instead of doing the STACKS of grading that I should be working on, I “nested”.  I bought a bottle of Dreft laundry detergent for the sole reason that it smells like baby clothes are supposed to smell. I bought it before Dakota was born and washed all of her clothes in it for a few months after she was born. So, now the smell is, and always will be, the smell associated with baby clothes.  On Friday, we had a snow day and instead of grading, I got out the plastic bins labeled “Newborn & 0-3 Clothes” and washed all of them in Dreft. I washed another collection of baby clothes that a friend recently gave me, and some other items that I have picked up since Dakota. I ended up with somewhere close to three loads of laundry of just baby clothes!!  Then, I went through and folded or hung up each little itty-bitty outfit. With each one, I became a little more excited that we get to do this again. I am glad that it is a girl, because some of these adorable outfits were so very hard to box up when Dakota outgrew them. I am excited to get to pull them out again.

Dakota has loved helping me sort all the baby socks and hang up all the little dresses. Last night, I was hanging clothes as she was falling asleep, and I told her that she could help me in the morning. The first thing she said when she woke up this morning was, “Mommy, it is time to wake up now? I am done sleeping because I am so excited about the baby!” Getting to share in her enthusiasm makes this pregnancy that much more fun.

So…with still 13 weeks to go until our scheduled delivery, the “girls’ room” is completely set up with clothes hanging, socks sorted, blankets folded, and crib up. The only thing missing is a pack or two of itty-bitty baby diapers (which I am really tempted to buy already). I don’t think I was this ahead of the game with Dakota. Of course, with Dakota we were still painting murals on the walls at this point, so I guess I kind of had an excuse. With this one, there really isn’t much we need to do…and I think I have already done most of it :) . I suppose at least I know that if the baby decided to come way too early, at least our home is basically ready. My classroom and lesson plans being ready for a sub….thats a whole ‘nother story. I pitty any substitute teacher that would have to find anything in there right now, or worse… figure out what to teach. Maybe that should be my next “nesting” project… and maybe tonight I should get started on a TON of grading!