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Making Maple Syrup Part 2 – Boiling Down


Once you have sap collected, the second part of making maple syrup is to boil it down and concentrate the sugars until it forms syrup. It takes roughly 40 gallons of syrup to make 1 gallon of syrup. So, it’s prudent to do the bulk of the boiling outside … otherwise you will have a sauna in your kitchen. The more concentrate the sugar content, the higher the boiling point. So, you can judge when it’s reached the syrup stage by closely monitoring the temperature with a candy thermometer. I finish the syrup in a pot inside so that I can watch it more closely. The syrup stage is roughly 7-8 degrees above the boiling point of water. Once you reach this stage you can either pour it into jars and store it in the fridge to eat, or process it in a water bath canner for longer storage.

You can find more details here:

First syrup of 2011


I had sap boiling from 10 am – 6 pm today. That was enough time to make it through about 10 gallons of sap. The new burner setup worked great but I ran out of propane near the end. That’s an easy fix though …

The result was a little over 3 pints of syrup and it does taste great! I’ll be working on putting together the second video for how-to make maple syrup in the next day or two.

Maple Sap Update 2


I think I spoke to soon in thinking that spring was here. In the last week, we’ve gone from 60F down to 20F and back to 60F with ice and snow in between. Fortunately, that’s good weather for sap collection and we’ve got nearly 15 gallons collected now. If this keeps up I’ll be boiling the first back next weekend.

Maple Sap Update and Pruning Grapes


There was enough sap today to start collecting it into a bigger container. For that, we have a trash can (new of course) and it works quite well. Last year we nearly filled it with sap so I think we should have no trouble filling it this year. After a week of collecting sap, it’s up to about 7 inches in the bottom of it.

Also, it was time to prune the grapes again. I’ll have a video up in the next couple days but in the mean time here are a few pictures.

I also decided to try my hand a propagating grapes again. Last year I tried starting some inside but they didn’t turn out. So this year I decided to try starting directly in the ground. One vine set roots last year while it was attached to the main vine. So, this year I cut it free from the main plant and we’ll see how it does. Another, I took a cutting from what I removed and stuck it directly into the ground. Again, it’ll be in the video but here is a picture of the grape cutting for propagation a.k.a. a stick in the mud.

Lastly, a few signs of spring started showing up. The strawberries I potted up last fall have starting to come back to life. Also, the first sign of Daffodil bulbs are peaking through the mulch.