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Swim Lessons


Yesterday, we took Dakota to her first real swim lesson. She had been signed up for baby swim lessons but it was more playing and less learning so I’m not sure it counts. This time around, she was learning to float on her back, kick her legs, and paddle with her arms. Considering how little time we’ve spent in the pool she did pretty good.

What surprised me was how well behaved she can be while all the other kids were splashing and playing away. The kids all sat on the edge of the pool waiting their turn. While waiting the other kids were splashing and playing with toys despite the teachers instructions not to do just that. Dakota on the other hand sat calmly watching the other kids. This surprised me because it feels like she doesn’t listen at home but if I had to choose one way or the other … I would prefer she pay attending on a class setting. It almost makes me think we’re doing something right!