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Spring is great


This spring has been wet … not just rain but downpours, not just occasional rather daily …. so why is spring still great? Because everything is alive in the yard and full of potential for the summer to come. Between rain showers, I took a stroll through the yard to capture what we have growing and why I enjoy spring in Ohio.

Here are some pictures ….

Spaghetti Sauce


It’s been a while since a post … life has been busy.

This past season was an odd one for the garden. The one crop that came in well was tomatoes. Unfortunatly I didn’t have time to deal with them as they came in so I went searching for an easier way to store them. Turns out you can freeze tomatoes without blanching them. How much easier could it get?

So, on Sunday I decided to thaw them out and make spaghetti sauce. Thawing took longer than expected. Sunday evening, we still had 17 bags of frozen tomatoes laying around. Monday we had a mess of thawed tomatoe juice all over the kitchen. Note to self … next time use quality ziplock bags.

Once everything was thawed, the process was the same as usual. For me, it goes like this:

Boil tomatoes into a mush. Process them in the food mill to get out the skins. Boil the whole mess until it thickens.  Process it all again with a finer grate to get out the seeds. And finally add spices/other vegetables and then can.

The results? Same as spaghetti sauce from fresh tomatoes. But, the benefit is that I was able to process it all at once rather than as they came in from the garden. It was also nice to have the house smell like fresh tomatoes and peppers in the middle of winter. Here are some pictures … enjoy.